Robert Weinapple, Director

Robert Weinapple


creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”


From Richard Lane
Executive Director, Academy of the Sword

"I have had the pleasure of working with Bobby for the last seven years, as his choreographer when he worked as an actor and as the fight director when he performed the duties of the director, on numerous theatrical and educational projects. His enthusiasm for his craft and his interest in the development and promotion of his art form exceed all reasonable expectations. Bobby is imaginative, highly creative, driven, passionate, and very disciplined in his approach to his craft.

Bobby is committed to the artistic process of making theatre. He knows how to work with a director and be a director. He understands that theatre is a collaborative process and is willing and able to make changes and be flexible.

I have watched Bobby work as a teacher of acting and theatre on numerous occasions. His greatest gift is his ability to transfer his enthusiasm for acting to his students. His experience in both classical and modern theatre as well as knowledge of music and choreography allows him to reach and challenge his students on many levels.

I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to work with an artist of Bobby's caliber. I feel that his students are receiving a rare gift to have Mr. Weinapple as their instructor of acting. Bobby has my unreserved and unconditional recommendation."